Will Your Tattoo Ruin if You Gain Or Lose Weight?

To be frank, our body change. Especially when you are nearing thirties, you are prone to pack on a few pounds every year. Well, gaining or losing weight may result in your tattoo altering its shape. It happens to both male and female. If you are packing a huge belly and thinking of getting yourself a tattoo, we advise you to shed off some weight on your body before inking. If you fit into the following descriptions, our advice for you is to eliminate the excess fat before tattoo.

(1) You are fully charged and determined to lose a lot of weight in a short while.

(2) You are likely to develop stretch marks when you are losing weight.

(3) You are losing weight and your age is turning against you. Your skin is losing that bit of elasticity.

If you are thinking of packing muscle mass very quickly with steroids, there is no guarantee that your tattoo will stay in shape. Still, it depends on your tattoo’s location. If your tattoo is inscribed in area where you are not intending to pack on mass, then you should not worry too much.

For woman, pregnancy may alter the shape of your tattoo. During this period, your belly gets very heavily stretched, which may dramatically distort the shape of your tattoo. Our advice for woman is to stay clear off the belly area.

In all, if you are losing and gaining a lot of weight quickly, we would encourage you to get a tattoo after your transformation. Of course, there is no denial that a tattoo appeals better on a tone and fit body. This may become a positive reinforcement for you to stay in shape to get the most out of every design you get. And if you haven’t got your first tattoo yet, that’s just a great reason to start working out now so that you acquire a body that matches and brings out the beauty of the tattoo.

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Source by Brian James Tan

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